Use Lotion Prior to Your Appointment

Lotions, moisturizers, deodorants, creams or any other topical substances can act as a barrier between your skin and the spray tan solutions and can hinder spray tan absorption. Please refrain from using these items prior to your spray tan


Come Directly from the Gym

Perspiration can cause the pH of your skin to be altered from its normal state, which may disrupt the development of your tan and cause discoloration






       Exfoliate 24-48 Hours Prior


Exfoliating 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan appointment helps to remove any dead skin that may hinder absorption of the spray tan solution


Come with Clean Skin

Arriving to your appointment with clean skin that is free of lotions, deodorants, moisturizers or any other substance is very important. These substances can act as a barrier between your skin and the spray tanning solution and can result in the disruption of your spray tan’s development


Wear Loose Fitted Clothing

Wear or bring loose fitted clothing to your appointment to ensure the minimum amount of solution that may be brushed off by clothing after application


Prepare for the Weather

If it’s raining outside, it may be a good idea to bring an umbrella or rain jacket to your appointment to ensure your spray tan is not disrupted by rain







             Shower less than 12 hours after Your Spray Tan

This will inhibit the skin’s absorption of the spray tanning solution


Use Excessive amount of Soap


Using soap in the shower after your spray tan will wash away spray tan solution on the surface of the skin. Avoid using body soap or face wash whenever possible


Exercise the same day


Sweating and skin friction that result from exercise will cause exfoliation and decrease the life of your spray tan






Wait to Shower


Waiting to shower until the next day will ensure the maximum development of your spray tan


                     Use Lukewarm water when Showering


Using luke warm water instead of hot water in the shower will help to minimize further exfoliation that may decrease the life of your spray tan


Moisturize Your Skin


Keeping your skin hydrated after your spray tan will help increase the life of your tan. Apply lotion when possible and especially directly after a shower





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